26 November 2016

FUTURE TRENDS - eMarketer Examines Emerging Technologies and Trends

With the hype of Pokemon GO and its augmented reality, the advent of self-driving cars and virtual assistants, and the surging growth of the sharing economy, it seems society is being bombarded with major developments and emerging technologies.

But what does it all mean?

Should you be excited about everything new?

In a special Thanksgiving podcast, eMarketer’s Marcus Johnson and Ezra Palmer consider some of the key developments of the year and discuss if they are ‘Thankful or Not Thankful’ for them.

While their discussion is lighthearted, with personal experience thrown in, the points they touch on cover many of the hopes and fears around new technology and trends, along with some interesting data.

For example, Johnson never played Pokemon GO but he and others have a much better understanding of augmented reality and its potential because of the game.

Listen to the podcast for an overview of trending technologies and developments.

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