18 December 2016

INNOVATE - Fundraiser Features Dogs Doing Ballet

The Birmingham Ballet stages a unique fundraiser every Christmas for their local Humane Society - the Mutt-cracker.

This year, the fifth edition, incorporated 29 dogs into a unique interpretation of the traditional Christmas ballet, the Nutcracker.

Like human dancers, the dogs must audition for their roles and practice their choreography diligently once they are cast.

A dog trainer is the wings for every show and works with the dogs throughout rehearsals.

For two years now, a three-year-old dog named Pig, who has short-spine syndrome, has been the star of the show performing pirouettes with the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The Birmingham company isn’t the only ballet that’s gone to the dogs.

In 2014 the Sacramento Ballet partnered with Front Street Animal Shelter and featured at least one adoptable dog in 13 different Nutcracker performances.

“We’re going to be exposing our animals to an entirely different demographic,” Front Street manager Gina Knepp, told the Sacramento Bee. “I would venture to guess that many folks in these audiences might go to a breeder to find a pet. Hopefully, we’ll open their eyes to the incredible dogs we have at Front Street.”

Their adoption goal seems to have been successful with a Petcha.com blog reporting 40 adoptions through just a portion of the Nutcracker run.

With the Birmingham Ballet’s performances growing in popularity and featuring 17 dogs its first year and 29 this year, and the adoptions resulting from the Sacramento event, ballet has definitely had a positive impact on some shelter animals.

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