22 December 2016

WELFARE - Top Webinars of 2016 from ASPCApro

ASPCApro’s mission is to provide tools and resources for animal welfare professionals and volunteers at public and private agencies and rescue groups, as well as veterinarians, law enforcement and emergency responders.

They just released a list of their top five webinars of 2016 which cover a variety of topics including dog behaviour, transport best practices and conversation-based adoptions.

If you didn’t see them when they were first broadcast, don’t worry. They are still available on the ASPCApro website.

Canine behaviorist Patricia McConnell offers practical and science-based ways to help dogs develop resilience—the process of adapting well in the face of adversity or stress—no matter what they have been through in the past.

The first in a seven part series based on The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators’ Best Practices for Companion Animal Transport Programs.

Amy Mills digs into what social change is and how to apply the philosophy and practices of social change to solve some of the complex challenges faced in animal welfare.

How to establish trust, exchange important information and create an experience that is enjoyable for the adopter, resulting in positive word of mouth and longtime support.

Learn about the critical aspects of offsite cat adoption center management, including animal selection and preparation, cage enrichment, same-day adoption processing and paperwork.

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