26 January 2017

DIGITAL - 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide

As you plan 2017 are you looking for some guidance to set you up for social marketing success?

Social, digital, mobile - they are all vital to business success today and even more in the future.

Simply Measured has created a 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide that takes a look back at the trends of 2016, including what is on its way out and what is on its way in, and planning tips for this year.

The guide includes:                               
  • A roster of which trends will and won’t survive 2016
  • An exploration of fresh trends you should think about in 2017
  • A checklist to help you get started with your planning today
  • Some examples of common social objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for major brands
  • A list of resources to consider as you put together your 2017 plan.

While you may know that ad-blocker usage has been growing through 2016, showing more resistance to traditional “billboard” style ads, what does that mean to your social marketing plan?

According to the guide:                                    
“Digital marketing, and social in particular, is where your brand can get creative, disseminate well-made content, startle audiences into paying attention, and experiment with strategies on a more temporary basis. Unless your brand is clearly spreading spam or worthless, offensive content on social, you likely will not be blocked by your target users. This is the digital and social marketer’s advantage.”

Traditional TV viewership is declining especially among teenagers and young adults, making social media video even more important going forward.

Dark Social refers to the sharing done through non-public channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Slack, or even text message and email and is something that many social marketers have been ignoring.

There’s a lot of sharing going on behind the scenes that can be taken advantage of and the guide shares some tips on how to do so - like using hash fragments.

Not enough visuals, too many "salesy" posts and too much automation are passé this year.

One of the highlights of the guide is the resource section.

If you are interested in the top LinkedIn groups to join or people to follow for social marketing trends, there’s a list.

The best Twitter lists, blogs and email lists are also included to get your social marketing to the next level.

Download the guide to learn more.

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