12 January 2017

FUTURE TRENDS - 2017 Marketing Predictions

It’s a new year and the continuing evolution of digital media, new technologies and strategies, and faster than expected growth of mobile can make choosing a marketing path very challenging.

There’s just so much to know, understand and make work together.

Marketo has put together 2017 Marketing Predictions that includes what they believe marketers need to focus on this year.

At the top of the list is Customer Centric Marketing.

Customer behaviour used to be fairly easy to predict. Not anymore - now that the cost of switching products/providers is low and customer choices are high.

Engaging customers in personalized relevant ways, building authentic connections and giving as much as you get will be key.

They are predicting the end of an era of marketing specialists and growth in importance of generalists, along with the use of technology to facilitate even more cooperation between different departments.

In the past marketing focus has largely been on bringing the customer in, but there will be more and more emphasis on engaging them at every stage of the lifecycle.

User experience, especially for mobile, will become an increasingly important factor along with real time engagement.

For more details and predictions download Marketo’s slide deck.

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