22 February 2017

HEALTH - New Merck Veterinary Manual is Mobile and Agile

Since 1899 Merck has been publishing medical manuals, with the first Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) released in 1955.

The 11th Edition was recently made available to the veterinary community.

In addition to expanding content, over time Merck has broadened its availability by adding an online version, creating a mobile app, and engaging on social media.

There are a number of advantages to the electronic versions.

It enhances the tradition of portability, allows for more timely updates and reviews of the content, there is room for a much larger number of figures and images, and can include multimedia content such as audio and video files.

The latest edition adds more interactive features such as regular news items that involve the veterinary profession, along with occasional commentaries.

There are new sections for case studies and quizzes based on MVM content to allow users to test themselves on a range of material.

Clinical calculators are included that enable users to enter patient data and determine specific dosages and related treatment requirements.

Veterinary students will be adding their perspectives on veterinary topics through regular blog posts.

For pet owners, there is material that addresses pet health topics in everyday language that will be easier to understand than the technical language of the sections intended for professionals.

Keeping up with the profession's and society's need to be in the know as it happens, the MVM online will now be updated on a continual basis.

So instead of waiting several years for new information to be published, it will appear as soon as it is available.

Merck has plans to release a new app for mobile devices and provide regular updates for that version as well.

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