08 February 2017

WELFARE - Nominate a Hero Dog

(Emerging Hero Hooch)
American Humane is looking for Humane Hero Dogs.

For the seventh year, their National Humane Hero Dog Awards will honour courageous canines and their handlers.

Dog owners across the US are invited to nominate their heroic hound in one of eight categories:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Therapy
  • Service
  • Emerging Hero, a category that pays tribute to ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things
  • Arson
  • Search and Rescue
  • Guide/Hearing.

The Hero Dog Awards celebrate the powerful bond between dogs and people, and give recognition to courageous acts of heroism performed by four-legged best friends.

Following the nomination period, which ends on March 8th, two dozen semifinalists (the top three in each category) will be chosen in a first round of voting by celebrity judges and the public.

The second round will narrow the field to eight category finalists who will then vie for the title of 2017 American Hero Dog.

The eight finalists will be flown to Los Angeles and celebrated at the September 16th awards gala at the Beverly Hilton.

Past finalists include Hooch, the 2016 Emerging Hero who stands for overcoming adversity and bravery.

When Hooch was rescued he wouldn’t eat, just thrashed his food and water dishes around like a maniac.

Medical examination showed his tongue had been removed - likely to prime him to be a bait dog.

After rehabilitation, Hooch now works with autistic, abused and special needs children.

(Guide/Hearing Hero Hook)
Hook, the 2016 Guide/Hearing Hero, packs a lot of punch in his small frame.

Not only did he prevent his hearing impaired owner from stepping in front of a train, he also scared off an intruder - despite weighing just 12 pounds.

In his spare time, Hook works with his owner who is a family therapist - offering her clients supportive licks and comfort when they are upset.

You can nominate Humane Hero Dogs online.

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