01 March 2017

YourSAY 2017.1 - What are the Concerns/Benefits of Veterinary Industry Corporatization?

There is a growing trend of animal healthcare delivery moving towards large corporations and away from the owner/managed independent clinician.

The purpose of the YourSAY™ 2017.1 is to discover what thought leaders in the urban animal industry believe are the positive and negative aspects of large corporations purchasing veterinary clinics.

InfoStream has published a variety of articles on vet clinic acquisitions:

And explored the pros and cons in:

YourSAY™ Surveys collect opinions from thought leaders that will illuminate future discussions about companion animals, and you are invited to have your say in the latest survey.

This YourSAY™ Survey closes on Wednesday, 8 March 2017 at midnight Eastern Time. You may start and stop your participation to serve your convenience until you click the 'finished' button or until the survey closes. Click this link to proceed to the survey:

Your identity will be anonymous and any survey results will be shared in the aggregate. Summary results of this survey will be reported in InfoStream during the week of March 13th, 2017.

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