14 April 2017

WELFARE - Developing Great Foster Programs, Webinars

Foster programs have grown and evolved over the years - beginning as an option to relieve the pressure on overflowing shelters, to an opportunity to address behaviour and training issues, to organizations that are foster-only and have no facility.

Now, fostering has become vital to the success of animal welfare and rescue organizations and an essential component of their business.

ASPCA Professional offers a variety of webinars to help organizations build and maximize their foster program.

  • Recruiting foster families
  • Choosing the best animals for foster care
  • Assigning animals to foster homes
  • Paperwork and systems to track animals
  • Scheduling foster recheck appointments
  • Sending supplies to foster animals
  • Retention and engagement of foster volunteers.

Part two of the series, Making Your Foster Program Thrive: Preventing Mt. Kitten, has representatives from Charleston Animal Society explain what they offer fosters including:
  • Education
  • Supplies
  • Training and foster care manuals (sample manuals will be provided)
  • Veterinary care, including spay/neuter surgery and emergency care
  • Spay/neuter events, including a pre-kitten season event
  • Promotions and marketing support.

Organizations that adopt through their foster homes may be interested in the Foster-based Adoptions webinar.

Since 1998, Seattle Animal Shelter has mobilized and empowered a team of foster parents to adopt animals directly from their homes.

In the webinar their experts discuss how to:
  • Set up a foster program structure
  • Use volunteer case managers
  • Select animals for foster
  • Run a foster-based adoption process.

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