22 April 2017

DIGITAL - How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Measuring social media is always a challenge.

A great tool for digital marketers is a social media audit.

A social media audit is the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels.

When you conduct a social media audit, you collect and analyze data from all of your social media accounts looking closely at your activity, results, audience, and financial investments.

And there are a plenty of tools out there to help you create a social media audit that works for your company or organization.

Hootsuite has a template for an audit so you don’t even have to create the document - just fill in the blanks.

Social Media Examiner recently posted an article about how to conduct an audit that also has information about the value of the results.

The format of Harvard Business Review’s template - which includes who, where, what, when, why and opportunity - provides a clear and simple result that is easy to understand and develop future goals from.

A Sproutsocial blog post has detailed information to help you determine what you want to include in your template, how to determine the best and worst performing channels, and even reminds you to check your branding across all your digital marketing efforts.

While audits take time, they are important to help keep a business on track and meeting organization goals.

They don’t need to be done weekly or even monthly.

Most organizations complete a social media audit quarterly, twice per year or annually.

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