08 April 2017

DIGITAL - Live Video: Tips and Techniques for Creating Great Content

Live video - everybody’s talking about it, everyone says you should do it, and you need to do it well.

Social Media Examiner’s latest podcast features Alex Khan, the founder of Attractive Media, a German social media agency that helps businesses with live video.

Khan says that in only two years, he’s built his audience from nothing to 230,000 followers and 55 million hearts on Periscope, and he shares tips for creating great content.

According to the podcast, Khan believes people watching live video are always interested in five topics:
  • Personal stories
  • Behind the scenes
  • Q&A’s
  • Giveaways
  • Sneak peeks

And your video doesn’t need to be limited to one topic, you can incorporate more.

The good news he shares is there is no expectation of perfection when you’re live - the medium is appealing because it replicates the way people connect and talk to each other in real life.

Khan shares the best ways to open and end a live stream and when to ask for a share or follow - hint: it’s not at the end - and he goes on to discuss code word strategy, software that adds graphics and animation, and much more.

Listen to the entire podcast of Live Video: Tips and Techniques for Creating Great Content.

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