10 May 2017

DIGITAL - Social Media: Best Practices for Pet Stores

(World Pet Association / SuperZoo)
World Pet Association has released a whitepaper to help pet businesses with digital marketing.

Social Media: Best Practices for Pet Stores was compiled by Crystal Vilkaitis, social media expert and SuperZoo speaker.

“Social media has become an indispensable tool for retailers and we recognize they’re hungry for information to ensure they’re optimizing their accounts,” WPA President Doug Poindexter said.

“By providing a whitepaper focused on this hot topic, we’re giving retailers access to actionable ways to improve their businesses.”

The content doesn’t just apply to pet stores, all pet businesses can apply the information in the paper.

With a focus on the social selling mindset, created by Crystal Media, the document is packed with best practices - everything from which channels to focus on to the best mix of video, photos and graphics, along with advertising strategy.

Also included is a case study of The Pet Authority, a company who dumped traditional radio ads for social media, resulting in cost savings and increased sales.

Download a copy of the whitepaper from World Pet Association.

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