08 May 2017

FUTURE TRENDS - US Adults Spend Over 12 Hours Per Day Consuming Media

According to a new eMarketer study, US Time Spent With Media: eMarketer’s Updated Estimates and Forecast for 2014-2019, American adults spend 12 hours, 7 minutes per day consuming media.

Considering time is also spent working and sleeping, that’s an awful lot of time committed to media.

How is it possible?

It’s all thanks to multitasking - eMarketer counted two hours if a person spent an hour watching tv while also surfing on smartphone.

eMarketer also estimates that nonvoice time spent per day by smartphone users will rise from 2 hours 18 minutes in 2014 to 2 hours 42 minutes by 2019.

The continued growth in the number of apps is a factor in this increase.

More and more of the digital universe is designed to cater to smartphones, and this often takes the form of apps.

You can hear more about how US adults consume media in the latest episode of eMarketer's Behind the Numbers podcast.

Interested in Canada’s media usage trends? Check out IAB Canada’s report.

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