24 November 2017

MARKET - Tesla's Pricing for Semi Truck Lower Than Expected

Tesla releases pricing for its new series of Electric Semi's

With Elon Musk focusing on the cost of operation instead of the purchase price at last week's unveiling, most analysts in the trucking industry were projecting prices in the US$220K+ range. 

However, Tesla has beat projections by revealing the following expected prices:
  • Tesla Semi 300  (300 Mile Range) @ US$150K
  • Tesla Semi 500  (500 Mile Range) @ US$180K
  • Tesla Semi Founders Series @ US$200K
  • Most diesel semi trucks today cost around US$120K.

Musk says the truck is expected to be delivered in 2019, has achieved a drag coefficient of 0.36 which beats some modern passenger cars and with its four independent electric motors is capable of acceleration from 0-60 mph with a full load (80,000 lbs) in 20 seconds.

Naysayers are numerous. However, it may not be prudent bet against Musk, the man who is reusing rockets by landing them in a vertical position (when everyone said it couldn't be done). Musk is also the man who yesterday won a $50m bet by installing the world's largest lithium battery in Australia in under a 100 days.

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