17 December 2017

SABBATH - Robert Gilmour LeTourneau

One of the world's great inventors was first and foremost a man of Faith.

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The LeTourneau L-2350 is the World's Biggest Wheeled Loader
R G LeTourneau, was a man to inspire men. He became interested in the kind of machinery that could move mountains. History tells us that his inventions and company supplied 70% of the equipment used by the Allies in the second world war, helped build the much of the AlCan (Alaska) Highway and  continues to build some of the biggest equipment in the world. LeTourneau invented the electric hub motor and was the first to use rubber tires on earth moving equipment. 

But it was LeTourneau's faith in God that caused him to serve mankind and provide various legacies. In his upside down view of tithing and stewardship, RG became famous for setting aside 90 percent of his salary and company profits for his God inspired activities, managing his lifestyle inside the other 10 percent.
"You have made the word of God a glorious, practical reality," radio  host Robert Ripley once told LeTourneau, then turned to the audience with his trademark flourish, "And of such is the work of faith... believe it or not."
LeTourneau and his wife Evelyn used their wealth to create LeTourneau University a faith based school that today graduates students from its primary location in Longview, Texas as well as from Dallas, Houston and from online activities.

Yes, RG LeTourneau was a big man among men. May you be inspired by his life and faith!

Tour the World's largest Wheeled Loader:

The history of R G LeTourneau:

God Bless!

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