11 January 2018

INNOVATE - Heat From Bitcoin Mining Operation Tapped for Agrifood Production

The Bitcoin Energy 'Deficit' May Have a Solution.

Myera group greenhouse ws
Lyzaville Sale/CBC News
According to a story by Samantha Samson, at CBC News, a Manitoba company has found a solution for the waste heat developed in Bitcoin Mining. They transfer the heat to a greenhouse and fish farming operation operation to grow various plants and Artic Char.

Bruce Hardy, the CEO of Myera Group has been mining Bitcoin for two years but realized they needed to find a use for the heat produced by the computers. About a year ago, Myera  opened this operation in the old Tin Lizzie Auto Museum on the grounds of the former Grey Nuns' Convent located on Highway 26 just west of Winnipeg​.

fish farming myera group
Lyzaville Sale/CBC News
Dwayne Clark is the Reeve of the Rural Municipality of St. Francois Xavier. According to the story, he was happy to see a developing eyesore in the community being restored and repurposed.

The Myera project is a Proof of Concept (POC) project that may be a solution for the Bitcoin energy 'deficit' as it scales.

In a brief conversation with Myera Group yesterday, it was evident the Innovation Campus being developed in St. Francois Xavier in Manitoba and the Myera Group have much broader aspirations. A future story may feature some of these elements as the POC project develops.

In the meantime, a Mashable story by by Stan Schroeder last month, gives more detail to the Bitcoin energy issue and suggests the problem may not be as large or as unsolvable as reported. The Mashable story is worth reading. 

The Myera Group project is also worth following.

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