16 January 2018

INNOVATE - Intel is Much More Than a Chip Manufacturer

Intel No Longer Just Inside - The 2018 CES Keynote That Blew Everyone Away!

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Put on your headphones, turn-up the volume and learn how the world is changing right before your very eyes. 

This presentation was streamed live one week ago today from the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas.

Highlights of the presentation included:
  • The power of data: “Data is going to introduce social and economic changes that we only see perhaps once or twice in a century.”
  • Learn what a 'Voxel' is and how it will replace the 'Pixel' in everything.
  • Professor Amnon Shashua, senior vice president of Intel and CEO/CTO of Mobileye, arrives in one of Intel’s first autonomous cars.
  • Volocopter CEO, Florian Reuter, demonstrates the fully electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft designed for passenger transport.
  • Intel unveils “Tangle Lake,” a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip.
  • Set a new Guinness World Records title for Most UAVs airborne simultaneously from a single computer indoors when intel flies 100 Intel Shooting Star Mini drones to wrap up the Intel presentation.
Here's the News Service B Roll highlights 

Here's the full Presentation.

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