08 January 2018

OPINION - Don Tapscott Shares Ten Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018

Executive Director of the Blockchain Research Institute Predicts Cryptocurrency Developments for 2018

Don Tapscott, well known author and speaker as well as the global poster boy for blockchain takes a look at cryptocurrency. This article is a valuable read for those interested in how cryptocurrency is impacting, disrupting and creating opportunities for business. The ten things Tapscott addresses are these:
  1. Cryptocurrency continues to grow
  2. Cryptocurrency craze broadens to embrace blockchain business transformations
  3. New platform for value creation emerges
  4. Shift in ICOs towards equity tokens
  5. Cracks in the walls of digital feudalism
  6. Digital conglomerates wade in
  7. Implementation of fiat cryptocurrencies (finally)
  8. Regulation fever—The good, the bad and the ugly
  9. Breakthroughs on energy and climate change
  10. Growing crypto resilience

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