20 January 2018

VIDEO SATURDAY - Design Disruption, Collaboration, Looking Back, SMOOCH, Boundaries

We are pleased to present 10 minutes of viewing curated by InfoStream for your edification:

Design Disruption - GE Additive Engineer Josh Mook Revolutionizes Manufacturing with 3D Printing (2017 October, 3'12")

Collaboration creates excellence - IBM interviews NASA Administrator (CEO) Charles Bolden, (2012 August, 2'28")

Looking Back - Today will look like the "Model T Years at Ford", Haskayne School of Business, (2016 August, 2'06")

SMOOCH - Goodbye Useless Productivity Tools: Hello Digital, GE, (2017 February, 0'31")

Boundaries: Technology Moves Upstream, IBM (2015 November, 2'15")

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