07 March 2018

INNOVATE - Alberta Treasury Branches Support Entrepreneurs

ATB Encourages Diversity and Development with E-Centers and a 14 Week Business Accelerator Program

Image result for atb x logoThe digital economy is demanding new approaches to banking and financial relationships. Alberta Treasury Branches has taken an innovative approach which could be a model for other financial institutions and provinces.

Entrepreneurial Centers in both Edmonton and Calgary are providing new business developers and innovators with a collaborative space and services that are designed to solve the issues they face. The 14 week ATB-X Business Accelerator Program helps new business owners at the market validation stage to sharpen their skills with an intensive program of curriculum, connections and community.

ATB X Cohort 4 is completing the program and Cohort 5 is gathering for a launch later this year. Bravo ATB!

Perhaps this investment will give rise to the kind of diversification needed in Alberta. Perhaps ATB will be able to integrate these programs with entrepreneurial activities already under way at the University of Calgary to encourage new business development in the province.

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