AUDIENCE: The InfoStream global audience is made up of decision makers in senior management (executives, directors and other corporate stakeholders) as well as those who provide services to them. For this reason, InfoStream is focused on delivering insightful content rather than breaking news. Allowing time to gather context that will permeate the story has value for this audience. Centralizing links to the story, the background or industry reaction also has value for InfoStream readers.

ACQUISITION: When an acquisition becomes story, the editorial team works to discover how this transaction is likely to impact the environment or the InfoStream audience.

AGGREGATION: Consolidation of the value chain has involved creating efficiency by concentrating infrastructure, client demand and purchasing power. The new story is 'aggregation' which InfoStream tells at every opportunity. Aggregation is about gathering Urban Animals to become subscribers or clients. About adding convenience and/or improving the client experience and client satisfaction. Augmented/Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, IoT, Search and other technology is providing the opportunity to gather the urban animal into ever larger cohorts while the value chain is commoditized.

BLOCKCHAIN: InfoStream has a special interest in ecosystems. The new paradigm is about gathering vendors, competitors and clients into symbiotic relationships. This is why InfoStream has illuminated blockchain technology and continues to maintain a watching brief on this platform. Developing and maintaining trust across an ecosystem will deliver important benefits. Added transparency will be beneficial as blockchain becomes a mainstay of the ecosystems that support the urban animal.  

BRAND: Supporting brands that make a difference around the globe is a high priority. Story about the DNA of a brand is an InfoStream value contribution. Brands that develop codes of conduct to deliver satisfaction, trust and convenience as well as the products and services they make available to the urban animal, is the story. However, Brand and Brand Value is being challenged by 'no-name' merchandise and other consumer driven innovations. This is an important developing story to be told by InfoStream.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE (CX): An urban animal votes by directing dollars to each transaction. In an environment where the internet has commoditized access to brands, the client experience is paramount. InfoStream tells the developing story of client experience as it hovers over or moves away from 'brand'. This new agility in consumer demand bears further observation as ecosystems develop and trump traditional value chains.

COLLABORATION: Ecosystems are replacing competition with collaboration in many sectors of the industry. Telling story that values and illuminates collaborative activities is important to the InfoStream audience. The collaboration story helps to sort out what might be possible to support the urban animal.

DEMAND: The urban animal has the wallet as well as the demand (need and desire) that drives the economy. The Urban Animal also has the vote (interest) that acts on governance for all levels of government. InfoStream tells the story of how demand and interest is evolving with the urban animal.

ECOSYSTEM: The evolving definition and understanding of ecosystem in commerce is an important story for InfoStream. Where once the term 'ecosystem' was used to describe a biological system and the elements required to sustain it, the term now has a broad context when used in commerce. InfoStream understands 'ecosystem' as interconnected elements held together by interactions that create a community of the whole. InfoStream observes that ecosystems trump traditional value chains because of their focus on consumer satisfaction and consumer experience.

EDITORIAL: The editorial staff of InfoStream provides story that asks important questions or connects dots that are significant in the urban environment.

FAITH AND INSPIRATION: A unique feature of InfoStream is the SABBATH heading that appears on Sunday and certain Holidays to focus on rest, inspiration and faith for the 'always on' life of those who support the urban animal. Several New Testament passages contain the root word of "Sabbath" (Matthew 11:28 and Hebrews 4:9) as do other sacred writings. The need for a balanced life that includes rest, inspiration and faith to achieve a productive yet joyful experience is recognized. The story is focused on faith in God, people who inspire and create goodness in the world around us.

OPINION: InfoStream showcases opinion from global leaders who provide content that is interesting to the audience we serve.

STORY: Presenting story has always been more an artform than a science. As technology allows, InfoStream storytelling will evolve to incorporate interactive media, surveys, video, virtual reality and augmented intelligence. Story is intended to inform, educate and challenge the InfoStream audience. InfoStream intends for story to develop a trusted, two way communication channel with the urban animal.

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