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Urban animals are those who live in modern urban municipalities. InfoStream writes primarily for those who serve urban animals. As the process of urbanization continues around the globe, the vast majority of consumers will live in these cities. Urban Animals are interested in stories about innovation, leadership, resources for urban living, digital applications, new paradigms, new media and research that impacts their lifestyles. The best way to get a feel for the types of posts likely to be read is to review past InfoStream articles and the Editorial Interests page. The most read and searched articles appear in the "Hot Topics" column on the right side of the blog.

Articles must be 250-500 words and must be exclusive to the InfoStream website for 8 days once published (content may not be posted on any other feeds, blogs or publications during that time).

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$50 per article.
$15 bonus for an original graphic.
$15 bonus for an original picture.

A Readership Bonus is paid for articles on InfoStream as follows:
Over 100 views $10
Over 250 views $20
Over 500 views $30
Contributing editors are encouraged to share links to the articles posted on InfoStream through their own social media network to increase readership and the readership bonus they earn.
The Readership Bonus is calculated using InfoStream Analytics (Google) 30 days after the original publishing date and paid by Interac etransfer on the 15th of the month following. All compensation is paid in Canadian currency at time of settlement.
NB: The compensation schedule is subject to change without notice. Compensation is provided at the rates current when published.

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