30 July 2013

Important Summit 2013 Announcements

In 2013 the Urban Animal Program has expanded Summit delegate seats across five industry sectors and four areas of interest. 

In addition to the four previously recognized industry sectors, Community Services has been identified as a fifth sector serving pet owners. The Community Services sector includes urban planners, leisure/recreation, parks/trails/infrastructure, justice, wildlife and media. 

The 8th annual Summit for Urban Animal Strategies has been expanded to include additional positions for International Guests, Emerging Leaders and Summit Award nominees. Delegates are also being sought from our ancillary areas of interest: 
  • Research including academic and commercial
  • Education including scientists, health care providers/technicians
  • Government agencies
  • Legislators
Members of professional associations in each of these sectors and areas of interest are provided with VIP Vouchers if current association dues are paid up. Please contact Shannon Woodward or Sheena Neel if you require more information about the VIP program. 

Get the facts, have YourSAY™, move the industry! 

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