02 August 2013

Travel Alberta partners with Expedia

Expedia's hand-selected travel bloggers have been invited by Travel Alberta to visit the province this summer and winter to create original travel stories, photographs and videos of vacation experiences in Wild Rose Country. 

The partnership between Travel Alberta and Expedia Media Solutions is the latest iteration of Expedia's innovative digital "Find Yours™" campaign. Find Your Alberta promotes Alberta's vacation experiences and destinations and will run on Expedia, Travel Alberta and the channels of visiting travel bloggers. 

InfoStream has been keeping an eye on the role of bloggers in the Retail sector and reported on a number of research topics relating to the increasing opportunities in the urban animal industry. A study released by Trone Brand Energy in 2012 states that 20% of pet bloggers are considered highly influential and have a monthly readership of at least 10,000. Influencers report dealing with at least six or more pet care brands from a market perspective. In addition, the APPA National Pet Owner Survey for 2011-2012 revealed the use of Internet has more than doubled as a pet care information provider in the past 10 years. 

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