10 September 2013

Kijiji urged to ban household pet listings

A Montreal animal advocate plans to file a 50,000 signature petition with Canada's largest online classified site, Kijiji, to prevent the sale of household pets. 

Barbara Lapointe told the National Post that by banning private pet sale listings, Kijiji would be cutting off one of the last avenue available for puppy mills to sell their animals. The same article reported a Kijiji spokesman said the company has no intention of banning pet sales but that it has already partnered with several organizations in Humane and Rescue to help prevent commercial breeders. 

Shawn McIntyre, Kijiji's community manager, told Global News the site has set up a system to catch suspicious posts and prevent mills from posting listings. 

"We're choosing to work with the industry and do our best to keep it clean and safe," he said. "We want to make sure that we're filtering out any bad users and not driving them underground." 

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