09 September 2013

RIP Tuxedo Stan

Tuxedo Stan, the Halifax cat who made International headlines with his bid for mayor in 2012, lost his battle with terminal cancer yesterday. 

Stan was a three-year-old cat born to a feral mother in Halifax who aimed to raise awareness of the increasing feral and stray cat situation in the city.

Stan was diagnosed with cancer just two months after last year's election. The day before Stan was euthanized, his brother, Earl Grey, announced his intention to run for Premier of Nova Scotia and continue Stan's legacy. 

Stan's campaign managers (owners), Kathy and Hugh Chisholm, presented Stan's rise to power and the Tuxedo Party's aspirations for a humane world at the 2013 Regional Conferences in Halifax

"While we are all saddened to have Tuxedo Stan leave us, his contribution to raising awareness for cats in his community emboldens us to take the lessons we all learned to communities across North America," said Larry Evans, executive producer of the Urban Animal Program

From the time Tuxedo Stan announced he would run for mayor, the Tuxedo Party garnered international media attention with Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper endorsing the feline. Stan's Facebook page boasts more than 17,000 Likes and the Party centres around a strong social media strategy. A Tuxedo Stan product line selling plush 'minion' dolls, t-shirts and even a men's body wash all raised funds for Spay Day HRM, a non-profit society in Nova Scotia. The Spay Day Program is an initiative to address the cat over-population by assisting students and low-income families to spay and neuter their cats. 

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