12 June 2014

PetLynx Recovery Meter hits 300,000

HomeSafe for Life™ protects 1,000,000 cats and dogs

In May of 2006, the HomeSafe™ Automated Recovery System was brought into commercial service by PetLynx Corporation. Using automation technology to keep animals HomeSafe for Life™ was years ahead of its time. Pet owners, the public and industry didn’t understand ‘apps’, the implications of ‘cloud’ technology or the importance of having a central animal record that allowed everyone in a community to help keep animals HomeSafe for Life™.

In the past nine years, the HomeSafe for Life™ program has grown substantially. HomeSafe™ now protects 1,000,000 cats and dogs, provides peace of mind for 850,000 people and serves 340 communities across Canada with 7/24 automated lost and found services.

Today four service portals provide application services for the entire community: Public Lost & Found (For the public), HomeSafe™ (For pet owners), ShelterLynx™ (For pounds, humane, rescue and kennels), AnimalTRACS™ (For vets, pounds, humane, rescue, retailers and other service providers).

In 2014, basic access to HomeSafe™ services (AnimalTRACS™ portal) will cost less than $40 per month with the subsidy from Pets Plus Us and PetLynx. Kijiji, Pets Plus Us and PetLynx are also collaborating to expand the HomeSafe for Life™ program by providing free lifetime subscriptions and 8 weeks of Pets Plus Us™ insurance through authorized service centers across Canada and online direct through Kijiji.

HomeSafe™ service centers work to build healthy communities for pets and people. They deliver existing Urban Animal programs and they develop new ones as allies in the Alliance for Urban Animals™. This willingness to collaborate, to serve the interests of animals, animal owners and others in each community positions each organization as a trusted provider of products and services.

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