19 September 2014

Communicators of 2014 garner Summit Award recognition

Four nominees vie for the Urban Animal Industry's highest award in the Communicator category: 

1. Rich Avanzino, Maddie's Fund is nominated for the tools and resources the organization develops to strengthen all sectors of the industry. Maddie's Fund consistently delivers relevant and important webinars and other training programs through its Maddie's Institute channel. The Institute is dedicated to increasing the lifesaving of homeless dogs and cats by providing the most innovative animal welfare information to shelter staff, veterinarians, rescue groups and community members through articles, videos, free webcasts, a blog and other educational tools.

2. Rodney Habib, Planet Paws Pet Essentials is nominated for his success in pet nutrition blogging and social media. As a pet nutrition blogger, Rodney's followers see him as the voice of today's pet parents. He writes about nutrition, health, the pet industry and anything that pet owners need to know. Rodney does this for one reason: He wants to be the change he wishes to see in the world. 

3. Kim Marosevich, Surrey Animal Resource Centre is nominated for her approach to communication between employees and management. Engaging a mind set of being empathetic towards one another, Kim illustrates the positive power of this mindful thought process which generates a deeper level of communication allowing each person to express themselves and be heard.

4. Karen Ramsden, Langara College is nominated for creating the 'amazing' and 'much needed' dog walking program to educate pet owners and professional dog walkers. Program Coordinator at Langara, Karen has attracted Rebecca Ledger, PhD Animal Behaviour Scientist and Therapist, as instructor for the program. Elements of the program include: Typical dog behaviour; Dog First Aid; City Bylaws and legislation; and Marketing your dog walking business. The program boasts 71 graduates to date. 

The Summit for Communicator of the Year  recognizes an organization that develops a concept and successfully delivers compelling content to promotes a better environment for urban animals.

The 2014 Summit for Communicator will be presented during the Awards Gala on Friday, 24 October. This event is open to the public. 

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