12 September 2014

Public Polling to Determine the Best and Brightest

The Urban Animal Summit Awards program illuminates successes occurring in urban municipalities across North America and provides recognition for those who lead.

In 2014, Urban Animal presents and expands the ninth annual Summit Awards program by allowing Nominees and Nominators to develop social media campaigns to gather votes from supporters across their field of influence.

While nominations will continue to be vetted by the Alumni and by the Advisory Council of the Urban Animal Foundation, it is hoped this change will provide broader industry recognition for the program and for those who take home the Summits at the Friday evening Gala.

This public polling process is a new element for 2014:

  • Successful nominees will be provided with a specific survey link to share publicly through their own social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.
  • PetLynx will continue to provide nominees and nominators with equal exposure through the Urban Animal program and the PetLynx social media channels.
  • By inviting the public into the voting process, nominees will showcase their activities as well as the recognition they are receiving from peers in the Urban Animal industry to those who care most.
  • The public polling process engages the entire Urban Animal value chain.
  • It is an opportunity to begin conversations with this broader audience for everyone connected with the Urban Animal program.

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