16 September 2014

Summit 2014 Retailer Nominees

Three nominees vie for the Urban Animal Industry's highest award in the category of Retailer

  1. Brenda Kozub, Tisol Pet Nutrition and Supply is nominated for its work with local charities. Tisol helps pet families in need through its Pet Food Bank program (9 stores), which has collected over 170,000 lbs of food in three years. Supplies are distributed to registered pet charities through the Kensington Foundation for Animals in Crisis. In store donation boxes for Kensington generates substantial funds for spay/neuter programs, medical care and other needs. Tisol also raises funds for elementary schools for various programs including $12,000 raised for a breakfast program in 2013. 
  2. Charles Létourneau, Létourneau Nutrition animale is nominated for it's support and commitment to the Quebec SPA. A family business for nearly 40 years in Quebec, Létourneau Nutrition animale has worked closely with Quebec's SPA on several projects. In 2014, Charles helped the SPA to construct a new sterilization room (2014). Other projects include a "Pet of the Week" radio segment helps shelter pets find homes and provides a $100 started kit; a TV segment educating pet owners on pet health, care and helpful tools. Ongoing fundraisers such as Christmas calendars and special store promotions all benefit the Quebec SPA's work with canine clubs, breeders and shelters. 
  3. Evan Ropp, Homes Alive Pet Centre is nominated for his work to promote and educate pet owners about mindful pet ownership. Evan is a leader in promoting public education regarding spay/neuter programs, pets in cars and pet care. Homes Alive Pet Centre includes a dedicated space to display rescue animals and encourage adoption. Rescue organizations are also invited to leave binders of available pets for customers to view and post rescue pets on the Homes Alive blog. Donations collected in store and through shelter calendars benefit animal welfare organizations and Evan is a presence at several community events. 
The 2014 Summit for Retailer of the Year recognizes an organization in the retail sector that has achieved a remarkable relationship with pet families and has improved the experience of pets and people in the community(ies) they serve. 

The 2014 Summit for Retailer will be presented during the Awards Gala on Friday, 24 October. This event is open to the public. 

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