17 September 2014

The 2014 Summit Award nominees for Homing are...

Four nominees vie for the Urban Animal Industry's highest award in the Homing category: 

  1. Don Brown, Capital Regional District, Victoria B.C. is nominated for its outstanding record for rehoming large numbers of animals using an excellent network of foster homes as well as advertising and social media. 
  2. Lauren Calback & Carla Anderson, Hug A Bull are nominated for their commitment to the pit bull breed. The Hug A Bull mission is to rescue dogs, provide public education and build a community of responsible pit bull owners and supporters. 
  3. Risa Weinstock, New York City Animal Care & Control is nominated for developing its first mobile adoption center. The vehicle brings shelter dogs and cats to previously unreachable New Yorkers looking to adopt through five boroughs.  
  4. Tanya Firmage, Ontario SPCA is nominated for the iAdopt year-round adoption campaign. The campaign focuses on featuring positive real life pet adoption stories as a means to encourage others to adopt and experience a similar happy ending.

The Summit for Homing Provider of the Year  recognizes an organization that achieves success placing animals in appropriate environments for animals and people through innovative adoption, sale, returnto-owner, re-homing or fostering programs.

The 2014 Summit for Homing will be presented during the Awards Gala on Friday, 24 October. This event is open to the public. 

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