11 September 2014

Trifaux to Chair PetLynx Board

Thomas R. Trifaux, has been appointed Chair of the PetLynx Board of Directors. Tom was an early investor in PetLynx Corporation and is well acquainted with the business community.

Blending a background in professional sports with decades of business
experience, Tom is an authentic communicator who leads with passion and honesty. His focus has always been to align teams and deliver results.

Tom is currently the Director of Canada West for Canadian Management Centre. In this role he leads a team of professionals that assist Canada’s largest businesses to re-imagine themselves, change culture and coach business leaders. Under his direction CMC has experienced industry leading success. Tom is also well known as a keynote speaker who brings to each performance, passion and enthusiasm that are infectious.

“Winning is an intention long before it becomes an outcome”, said Trifaux. “I recognize in PetLynx, a company that had a compelling vision worth supporting, had the competency to build a critical mass, had the integrity to look after the interests of its stakeholders and now having achieved the first million registrations has reached the tipping point of its emergence. I am excited to take on this role to add my strengths to corporate governance, business alignment and team building.”

With Tom as Board Chair, Drew Van Niekerk as President/CEO, and Larry Evans as Director of Business Development the governance and executive team at PetLynx Corporation is complete. The executive team also has a clear and concise focus:

  1. Deliver a compelling vision of tomorrow.
  2. Recruit investors, team members and clients that share the PetLynx passion.
  3. Ensure the rocket is adequately fueled ($$$).
  4. Execute the plan with ‘world class’ precision and teamwork.
  5. Double the size of the registry and company value in the next 24 months.

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