03 October 2014

Dr. Melodie Chan to Deliver 2014 Leaders KeyNote

Leaders of the Urban Animal industry arrive at Summit 2014 during an interesting time.

The landscape is changing daily: Deconstruction or reconstruction of the industry supply chain is taking place; Consolidation of consumer purchasing power by big box retailers and large online portals challenges the role of the independent service provider; and, Disruption of communication channels by the internet has left traditional marketing elements in the dustbin of history.

More than ever before, the environment faced by leaders is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). In addition, most current leaders are 'digital immigrants' surrounded by 'digital natives' they struggle to understand. The language, culture and customs now appearing in the workforce they lead and in the customer base they serve, often feels foreign to them. The need for leaders to constantly discern between danger and opportunity is great. 

As leaders contemplate their careers and the future of the organizations they lead, they can be paralyzed by fear and uncertainty or they can invent a future where they succeed. 

Melodie Chan, DVM, is Senior Manager Veterinary Services (Cattle/Equine/Genetics), for Zoetis. Dr. Chan will deliver the 2014 Leaders Keynote to Summit delegates. Melodie Chan first appeared on the Urban Animal radar screen in 2009 as a member of the CVMA Innovation Task Force along with Jean Gauvin, Chair and Larry Evans, Secretary. Jean Gauvin is currently the President of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Summit 2014 is the first time all three innovator/futurists will be together since 2010. 

Summit 2014 delegates can expect to be inspired, energized and equipped to invent a successful future by Dr. Chan's address.

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