04 October 2014

Facts and Evidence: Why we need Science-Based Breeding Guidelines?

In January 2014, Purdue University engaged Candace Croney, Ph.D. to direct the Centre for Animal Welfare Science (CAWS). Dr. Croney is leading the CAWS initiative to discover a science base (Facts and Evidence) for breeding.

Judi Stella, Ph.D.
Summit 2014 is pleased to present CAWS:
'Setting the Standard: Why We Need Science-Based Breeding Guidelines' directed by Judi Stella, Ph.D.

For more than a decade, passionate people have waged a war against 'puppy mills' and 'irresponsible breeding'. However, the industry has found it difficult to agree, or even to constructively disagree, on an evidence based approach to breeding. For this reason the battle has produced collateral damage and unintended consequences for retailers, breeders, brokers, rescues and pet owners who through no fault of their own may have crossed an imaginary line.

Several attempts have been made to engage Urban Animal stakeholders in a conversation that would produce guidelines. The 'breeder codes of ethical conduct' conversation which began at Summit 2009 was the latest attempt and by 2011 had not produced an accepted result. However, the Pet Experience Project of Summit 2012 showed that sourcing was a major issue for pet owners and a fundamental cause of surrender and abandonment. Summit 2013 developed a 'sourcing conversation' that revived the interest in developing breeding standards and a way of identifying animals produced under this standard with a Certified Quality Mark (CQM) program.

It is in this context that Judi Stella Ph.D., arrives to stimulate the Sourcing conversation with evidence of the need for Science based breeding guidelines.

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