16 October 2014

Your guide to the 2014 Summit for Urban Animal Strategies

Summit 2014 is two weeks away. A revised Summit Agenda has been posted at http://media.wix.com/ugd/a3c0e3_f6dc42a1f0584fe483829c46bc01130e.pdf

You will find more information about Summit presenters on InfoStream:

Sourcing/Breeding Standards: Purdue University/CAWS

Industry Trends and Opportunities: Euromonitor/Chicago
Pet Experience Project/Obstacles Survey: PIJAC Canada/Ottawa
Innovation Keynote: Trifaux/HeadStart Marketing
We are also blessed to have a provocative industry thinker to provide the Leaders Keynote on Saturday morning.

Leaders Keynote: Chan/Zoetis
Summit 2014 is a must attend event, if you wish to contribute to the breeding standards conversation, increase your understanding of pet owners and the pet experience or if you need to know how future trends in the Urban Animal industry are likely to affect you. Delegate seats may still be available. Please contact Shannon Woodward if you require assistance with registration.

The ninth annual Summit for Urban Animal Strategies, will also feature a challenging Urban Animal Forum™ on Friday, 24 October, 2014. In addition, to dilemmas proposed during the Summit are these conversations already underway:

  • Certification and Quality Management for breeders (sources of kittens/puppies)
  • Voluntary compliance/self regulation for the industry
  • Redesigning organizations for the experience economy/social media
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties as an alternative to fines (justice system)
  • Lifetime licensing for animals in urban municipalities
  • Banning retail pet sales - do bans eliminate or exacerbate sourcing issues
  • Pet experience project - defining research to obtain evidence still needed
  • Implications of pets for the delivery of public health and social programs
  • Pets enhance communities but has urban planning got pets on the radar
  • Improving animal care - can prepaid wellness lower costs
  • Non-surgical sterilization as an intervention in feral and domestic populations

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