15 October 2014

PetLynx celebrates 1 million milestone


PetLynx registers ONE MILLION pets!

Calgary, AB - In late August 28, 2014, PetLynx Corporation reached a significant milestone in the emergence of its production database by registering the millionth animal in its automated pet recovery service.

Zsuzsanna Hollander of Vancouver, B.C., recently adopted Cocoa from the BC SPCA and quickly registered him with PetLynx.net to ensure all of the dog’s identification, medical records and other information was available to authorized service providers in a central database. What Hollander didn’t know when she registered her little brown dog was that Cocoa was the millionth pet registered on PetLynx.

“I know the PetLynx team and vision will succeed in its mission to contribute lifetime protection for pets and peace of mind for their owners in the communities we serve,” said PetLynx President Dr. Drew Van Niekerk.

PetLynx is the only information utility that allows pet owners to own and control the animal record where they store important information about their companion. PetLynx is Canada’s most recognizable pet services brand. The PetLynx automated recovery system serves more than 340 urban municipalities across the country. Every month, PetLynx celebrates serves 30,000 logged in visits and more than 2,000 Return-to-Owner (recovery) episodes. Since it came into service, PetLynx has been involved in more than 309,000 recovery episodes.

“Registering a million pets in Canada, is an important milestone. Having 10% of the cats and dogs in Canada registered in one automated data base moves the bar for an industry that previously relied upon small independent data islands,” said Larry Evans, Director of Business Development for PetLynx. “This milestone reflects the large investment for the wellbeing of pets in our society by the Alliance for Urban Animals. Striving to add all Canadian pets into the PetLynx automate recovery service now makes sense for pet owners, humane societies, pounds, rescues and breeders”.

To celebrate this milestone, Canadian members of the Alliance for Urban Animals have awarded Zsuzsanna and Cocoa with a recognition package that includes medical insurance from Pets Plus Us, a Gift Card from Tisol Nutrition and Supplies, a recognition package from Kijiji and free Lifetime Recovery Subscriptions for 10 of Cocoa’s friends.

Shannon Woodward, Communications Coordinator
(p) 403.208.1972 (e) Shannon.woodward@petlynxmail.com

PetLynx Corporation is a distributing Alberta corporation and non-reporting issuer. PetLynx owns a world class information utility that presently serves urban animals in Canada. PetLynx has invested over $7 million to develop a cloud based, animal record that uses smart devices and the internet to connect all stakeholders of the urban animal industry.

The PetLynx utility is a proven game changer that has already registered 10% of Canadian cats and dogs as well as the active consumers who own them. In addition to pet owners, PetLynx serves the public as well as shelters, pounds, breeders, retailers, veterinarians and service providers in more than 340 Canadian communities. This PetLynx achievement arose from being the first to exploit 'cloud technology' and smart devices to deliver automated return-to-owner services for pet families. Today, PetLynx is the largest, fastest growing and most recognizable pet service brand in Canada.
PetLynx.......Lifelong protection for pets and peace of mind for people.

Members of the Alliance for Urban Animals now number 1,700+ across North America. In addition, PetLynx media channels touch 40,000+ industry service providers, 985,000+ pet owning consumers and 9,000,000+ professionals involved in the Urban Animal Industry.
Thought leaders arise from this broad field of connectivity in every sector of the community - Animal Health, Public Health, Animal Licensing and Control, Humane and Rescue, Retail, Commerce, Logistics, Pet Owner Services, Recreation and Community Services. These individuals and organizations work together in the Alliance for Urban Animals to promote healthy communities for both pets and people.

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