18 November 2015

Summit 2015 Claims

Sunday November 15, 2015 was the deadline for delegate and scholarship claims arising from Summit 2015. 

The claims received from delegates and those eligible for scholarships totaled $22,533.03. Urban Animal continues to seek the return of deposits and to gather contributions to allow complete reimbursement of these claims.

In October, Urban Animal reported that claims from delegates and those receiving scholarships for Summit 2015 could exceed $51,000. The fact that so many were able to contribute expenses and fees to the program is remarkable and would seem to be a testament to the support Urban Animal enjoys.

The Summit Awards program has now been completed and the Awards are on the way to each recipient by Express Post. Photo Ops with members of the Urban Animal Council will be arranged in each local area where possible. Readers may search 'Summit Award' in the InfoStream search area above (sort by date) to see recipient announcements they may have missed.

The plan to complete the IRED Scholarship Competition for the 2015 Innovator, 2015 Researcher, 2015 Emerging Leader and 2015 Digital Journalist will be announced shortly. Completion of the 2015 IRED Scholarship Competition is made possible with grants from:

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