16 December 2015

PIJAC Canada Bans Importation to Protect 'at risk' Newts

Board moves to protect Native and Captive populations of Newts  


In late November PIJAC (USA) recommended a temporary halt on the importation of Firebell and Paddletail newts, effective immediately. The reason for the moratorium stems from concerns over the Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans or Bsal fungus. This fungus, which is native to Asia, has impacted fire salamander populations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In an proactive effort to protect native Canadian newt populations, PIJAC Canada’s Board of Directors is supporting PIJAC USA’s recommendation. This decision is directly aligned with the criteria found in PIJAC Canada's Exotic Animal Policy.

Even if harvested sustainably in the counties of origin, the risk to species native in Canada is high and potentially endangers the existing captive amphibian communities. Should such a pathogen be introduced to Canada, it could result in a ban, meaning the end of responsible ownership of these animals entirely. PIJAC members are being asked to remind customers that pets should never be released into the wild.

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