29 January 2016

DIGITAL - Pet Product Marketing: Technology, Mobile and Social Media

Marketing has been undergoing a dramatic transformation all over the world with the development of new technology and the increasing use of digital media. The marketing of pet products and services is no exception.

A new report, “Pet Product Marketing Trends in the U.S.: Technology, Mobile, and Social Media,” is now available from Packaged Facts which examines the ways pet product marketers have capitalized on new marketing tactics to engage and interact with pet owners.

The report covers a wide range of digital technologies including mobile marketing, online video, social media, interactive games, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, content marketing and more. It also looks at the digital media usage and behaviour of pet owners, along with their psychographics relating to internet, mobile and social media. Dozens of images and examples of new technologies from pet marketers are included – from pet food and supply brands to pet retailers, medications, pet treats, veterinary services and animal shelters.

The pet marketer will find this report filled with of best practices for marketing to the pet parent.

The report also contains analysis of consumer technology usage trends and motivations, drawing primarily from two data sources. The first is national consumer survey data from Simmons. Through an ongoing program of telephone and booklet questionnaire surveys of a large probability sample of consumers who represent a statistically accurate cross-section of the U.S. adult population, Simmons is able construct detailed demographic profiles across various consumer product and service markets. The discussion of consumer patterns also draws on the Packaged Facts Pet Owner Survey, an exclusive look at pet owners across the U.S..

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