28 March 2016

Animal History Museum to Open in Burbank, California

Opening in April, the Animal History Museum’s mission is dedicated to understanding and celebrating the human-animal bond.

The human-animal Bond is the dynamic relationship between people and animals in that each influences the psychological and physiological state of the other. 

“Like the way natural history museums explore fossils and science, we’ll explore interactions and relationships,” says museum founder and Executive Director, Amy Breyer. “People throughout all civilizations have long understood that humans can and do form deep, meaningful relationships across species. For most of recorded history, that relationship has been marginalized. But that’s changing. More and more, cultural norms are acknowledging – and laws are starting to catch up to – what many people have known intuitively.”

Permanent exhibit plans include:
  • The human-animal bond
  • Animals and intelligence
  • The history of animals throughout society
  • Animals in art, literature, TV, film and pop culture
  • The development of animal welfare, rights and law
  • Plant-based food trends
  • Animals and religion.

Exhibit categories are structured to recognize that human and (non-human) animal lives are intertwined, rather than how animals are traditionally categorized - by their usefulness (ie: farm, wildlife, research, companion) to humans.

The Animal History Museum will occupy 5,300 square feet of space in the Burbank Town Center, a shopping and dining destination in the Los Angeles area.

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