29 March 2016

DIGITAL - A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the digital media channel to build your business, share content with other professionals, connect with colleagues, business partners, and even potential employers, and showcase your skills and achievements.

Do you wonder how to get more recommendations and how to get your profile to stand out amongst the thousands out there?

Learn how to maximize LinkedIn for your business with some of the following resources.

The folks at LeisureJobs created an in-depth infographic that covers everything from the do’s and don’ts of a LinkedIn profile to search engine optimization tips to help your profile show up in search results.

To take your business to the next level, Hubspot has a free three-part kit full of great information - How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business, How to Use LinkedIn for Professional Networking and How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.

Click infographic link above for full-size image

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