30 March 2016

Dr. Jason Coe Talks "B4 U GET A PET" with Ontario SPCA

The Ontario SPCA’s Animals’ Voice Pawdcasts feature some of the province’s leading experts on animal welfare, interviews with volunteers, pet care information and much more.

Last week host Kevin Mackenzie spoke with Dr. Jason Coe, Department of Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College.

Dr. Coe and his team have created a website - b4ugetapet.ca - “to provide soon-to-be pet owners with practical considerations to think about even before getting a pet including questions to consider asking the source of your future pet, creating a plan for socializing your pet from the start, planning how you will introduce your new pet into a household with other pets or children, and thinking through how much you should budget for the annual cost of owning a pet.”

Watch the entire podcast to learn more about B4 U GET A PET.

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