22 April 2016

DIGITAL - Measure Social Media Using Google Analytics

If you’re using Google Analytics and looking for a way to measure your social media, look no further.

Social Media Examiner has come up with four ways to use Google to determine how digital media affects your business.

Verify Social as a Traffic Driver
Google Analytics will provide a look at the overall traffic sources that deliver visitors to your site or blog. Included in this report is traffic from social media.

When you see traffic from social media alongside the traffic from other channels, it’s easy to see the impact social has on your site’s traffic.

(Social Media Examiner)
This information can be broken down even further - into specific social media channels.

These reports can be found under Acquisition.

Attribute Revenue to Specific Social Media Posts
When you’re creating posts for social media, you can include links back to your site that Google Analytics can track, sort, and analyze.

When you combine these links with UTM tracking and goals, you get insight into how social media is impacting revenue. Depending on how detailed you’d like to get with it, you can set unique UTMs for all of your social media, per channel, or even per update.

Find Out How Visitors From Social Media Consume Your Content
Google Analytics will allow you to track three other types of goals: duration (how long social media visitors stay on your site); pages/screens per session goals and event goals (how many times visitors from social media play video on your site).

See How Social Media Impacts the Conversion Path
If your business or brand wants to learn how social contributes to something like acquisition or to know how effective social media is at driving email subscriptions, there are conversion funnel reports that can show you just how influential social media is in making these conversions happen.

Don’t worry if some of this sounds complicated. Social Media Examiner provides step by step, simple instructions.

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