23 April 2016

Urban Animal - Will There be a 2016 Summit?

The cancellation of the Summit for Urban Animal Strategies 2015 was not just a huge disappointment for the Urban Animal Foundation, it also prompted rethinking and reevaluation of the event.

After measuring the benefits of the Summit - partnerships, relationships, knowledge, recognition, innovation and more - it was decided the value to the animal industry was so great the event needed to continue.

The first step is to manage the shortfall from last year’s event and make participants whole.

PetLynx has once again stepped up to the plate for Urban Animal Foundation and committed to reimbursing delegates. Payments have been made to IRED scholarship recipients this month. Other delegates who submitted claims will receive payment in the coming months.

The 2016 event will be streamlined - without losing value in key areas such as networking and recognition.

Virtualization of programs like IRED was done on a trial basis last year, and will continue this year to reduce costs.

Sufficient funding was committed for 2016 to give the Foundation confidence moving forward.

Travel and venue costs are being reduced by hosting the event in Toronto. If travel to the Alberta mountains was part of what made past summits special for you, don’t worry. Future plans may include different locations.

Mark your calendar now. Plan a full day of learning, sharing and celebrating the animal industry on November 17th.

Expect a keynote presentation on a topic of the most importance and interest to the animal industry.

Watch for announcements in InfoStream about nominations for IRED scholarships and Summit Awards along with exciting updates about these programs.

Anticipate an amazing opportunity to learn from and network with thought leaders from across the country.

Stay up-to-date as plans for Summit 2016 develop - keep following InfoStream.

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