28 April 2016

LEGISLATION - BC Passes Law to Better Protect Cats and Dogs

(Cheryl Wallach)

The BC government announced it has followed through on its commitment to enhance the protection of cats and dogs in British Columbia by passing an Order-in-Council (OIC).

The OIC provides a new regulation under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act that recognizes the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Codes of Practice for both kennel and cattery operations as generally accepted practices of animal management for commercial breeders and boarders of cats and dogs in British Columbia.

The Codes of Practice include specific requirements for sanitation, spacing, housing, food and water, ventilation, care supervision and transportation.

“The B.C. government expects all British Columbians to treat their animals with care and respect including dog and pet breeders. The consultation is all about balancing the interests of the cat and dog breeding industry with the expectations of B.C. citizens regarding the health and welfare of companion animals and ensuring adequate animal welfare oversight of commercial breeding establishments,” Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture said in a release.

Their next steps include consulting with kennels and catteries about possible proactive monitoring and license or registration requirements to operate as a commercial breeder in the province.

“We commend the B.C. government for its responsiveness on the important issue of unregulated dog and cat breeding," said Craig Daniell, chief executive officer of BC SPCA.

"This first step of adopting the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Codes into law lays an important groundwork for establishing a licensing and inspection program that we are pleased to be providing input on now.”

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