06 April 2016

PetSmart Helps Make Chase Field the First Season-long Dog-friendly Ball Park in U.S.

PetSmart, Inc. and the Arizona Diamondbacks are teaming up to create the first-ever season-long dog-friendly ballpark with a dedicated new PetSmart Patio, PetSmart Park and the Dog Days of Summer program, where dog-loving fans can bring their dogs to all 13 Sunday D-backs home games in the 2016 season.

Beginning April 10, pet parents will be able to enjoy the PetSmart Patio, offering exclusive seating above left-center field, where concessions include dog-friendly ice cream with kibble topping and free items like a baseball mitt-shaped dog bed where dogs can curl up, a water bowl and other dog goodies courtesy of PetSmart.

Directly behind the patio will be the PetSmart Park – an outdoor and indoor (air conditioned) dog park so even in the heat of the summer dogs can run around and play. The outdoor park will feature a baseball diamond and a grassy outfield – perfect for dogs to explore, play ball with other dogs or find their perfect “spot” to go to the bathroom.

“We are excited to create a unique dog-friendly area of our ballpark and can think of no better way than to partner with Phoenix-based PetSmart,” said D-backs president and chief executive officer, Derrick Hall. “Bark at the Park has always been a popular event at Chase Field, and now we are thrilled to offer fans the opportunity to bring their dogs to our games every Sunday to a new destination designed specifically for them. For many households a pet is an extension of their families and the D-backs are excited to partner with PetSmart to provide a family-friendly atmosphere for all family members, including our canine friends.”

PetSmart, the D-backs and three Phoenix-based animal welfare organizations – Arizona Humane Society, Arizona Animal Welfare League and HALO Animal Rescue – are also teaming up to make Chase Field the first Major League Baseball stadium in the U.S. to offer a season-long dog adoption program.

For each of the 13 games, The Adopt Spot by PetSmart adoption center will be staffed by one of three local animal welfare organizations beginning with the Arizona Humane Society on April 10.

“When we were concepting the dog-friendly facilities at Chase Field with our D-backs partners, we knew that adoptions just had to be part of this first-ever program,” said Eran Cohen, Chief Customer Experience Officer, PetSmart. “We are pleased to launch The Adopt Spot by PetSmart at Chase Field and to announce our local adoption partners in this unprecedented program. Together we can drive awareness around the importance of adoption during these dog-friendly home game events and help find lots of dogs their forever homes.”

Upon adoption, dogs can be immediately taken home from Chase Field by their new pet parents. Free D-backs-branded leashes will be available, as well as the PetSmart Adoption Kit.

“We are thrilled to partner with PetSmart on this exciting new opportunity,” said Bretta Nelson, spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society, the first to run The Adopt Spot by PetSmart. “Adoptions can happen anywhere – at a shelter, a store, a community event and now a ballpark! We are grateful for this unique opportunity to raise awareness and help save more dogs’ lives through adoption.”

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