04 April 2016

Shelter Medicine in Canada: Next Steps

Founded in 2001 in the United States, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ mission is to advance and support the practice of shelter medicine in order to improve community animal health and well-being.

With the Quebec Association for Shelter Veterinarians active in that province and Ontario vets in the process of setting up the Ontario Shelter Medicine Association, there is a movement to create a Canadian organization that will work together to promote progressive, humane sheltering.

The Canadian group won’t duplicate the work of the American Association, but apply it to Canada’s own unique circumstances.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has offered meeting space at its 2016 National Animal Welfare Conference for interested individuals to get together and discuss the idea and future direction. 

The discussion is open to veterinarians and technicians who work in animal shelters or have a special interest in sheltering and you do not need to be registered for the conference to attend. Students are welcome as observers. 

The meeting will be on Monday, April 18th, 5:15-6:45pm in Mountbatten A at the Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerard Street West, Toronto.

Anyone interested in attending is asked to RSVP to the founding committee of the Ontario Shelter Medicine Association at info@ontariosheltermedicine.org on or before April 8th.

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