05 May 2016

Improved Value for Clients Through the Petlynx HomeSafe™ program

 Petlynx is pleased to announce an opportunity to provide further value to your clients and partners.

As of May 10, 2016 the cost for a lifetime subscription for the HomeSafe™  registration will be $39.00 (including all taxes). Petlynx has not adjusted their online pricing since the initial launch of the HomeSafe™ program, well over 6 years. All pricing for affiliates and partners will remain the same, though it is being reviewed.  

“We continue to provide the lowest cost, automated registry service, and the only service that houses all animal records with the information owned and maintained by the owner.” Larry Evans, Managing Director, Petlynx. 

HomeSafe™ provides the only online automated recovery system that allows all members of the community to post their own lost and found reports. It facilitates instant sharing of pet information among the general public and organizations in the community and across North America when a pet goes missing.

The value provided by the HomeSafe™ service is even greater when you look at the costs over the lifetime of a pet - it is less than pennies a day, well worth the investment to ensure protection for a pet and peace of mind for your client.  

By offering the lifetime registration you are significantly improving the value for your clients, this in turn improves client retention and elevates the value of your brand in the marketplace; things that every service provider needs to be cognizant of in this day and age.  

Add value to your client service offering, take advantage of current HomeSafe™ industry pricing and provide over $30.00 in savings on to your clients.

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