05 May 2016

Pets Plus Us™ and HomeSafe™ Launch Animal Rescue/Recovery Initiative for those displaced by Alberta Wildfires

The disaster response teams of Pets Plus Us and HomeSafe™ have initiated a pet rescue/recovery operation for people displaced by Alberta Wildfires. Animal owners may use the Pets Plus Us voucher code above to gain free access and a lifetime animal record on the HomeSafe™ system. Adding an animal picture and detailed information such as medical, nutritional and behavioral elements can sustain life.
This disaster recovery initiative allows those who have been displaced to register their pets without cost in the HomeSafe™ Automated Return to Owner system so they are protected as they experience confusion during an evacuation.
Those with lost animals can also register so the system can automatically match with animals being found and registered by volunteers and first responders in the affected areas.
Agencies and volunteers use the system to record and automatically match animals they encounter. Contact Cori Imbery to establish access credentials as a CRA registered organization, municipal/provincial government agency or an authorized volunteer.

Pets Plus Us is more than just an insurance company offering medical benefits for the animals we love. They are building a community of organizations that empower and inform responsible pet owners while helping them deal with the joys and challenges of pet ownership.

The HomeSafe™ RTO System was developed during the Katrina Disaster and has been employed in floods, wildfires and large scale events across Canada to assist and recover more than three hundred forty thousand animals since coming into service.  HomeSafe™ is the world’s only customer owned, privacy compliant, online service for companion animals. Owners store information, manage access and receive the best/only Automated Return to Owner service for the life of their animal(s). HomeSafe™ is the only recovery system in the world that doesn’t require pre-registration. It now holds more than a million registered animals in Canada.

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