09 July 2016

DIGITAL - Complete Guide to Instagram Advertising

Instagram is fast becoming a top platform for advertising with users two and half times more likely to click on ads than other social media channels.

As of last week, monthly active users jumped up to 500 million with 300 million active every day.

With this massive potential audience in mind, businesses are looking for ways to create meaningful, quality experiences through Instagram's ad solutions.

To help businesses succeed, HubSpot teamed up with Iconosquare to bring you The Essential Guide to Instagram Advertising.

The guide includes:
  • Integrating Instagram ads into your current advertising strategy
  • Setting clear campaign objectives focused on improving your business
  • Creating an optimized Instagram ad with our step by step guide
  • Monitoring performance metrics and moderating engagement with your Ads
  • Insights and takeaways from exclusive experimentation
  • Bonus: Cheat sheet “The Perfect Instagram Ad.”

Start your Instagram advertising campaign - Download your free ebook.

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